Democracy in New Media

Through new media, the internet can help democratic governments functions more effectively. The ability to communicate directly with officials and leaders creates a more public democratic system. The question becomes raised if new media can positively help the relationship between the government and citizens. Having a knowledge economy and being able to inform citizens of current events helps develop a stable democratic society.

But this new media fails to create a more democratic society. Popularity and influence from the media inhibit citizens from making informed decisions in a democracy. Voters are influenced by what they see and hear in the media to make their decision. In order for politians to have a chance in power, they need to utilize these new media tools to develop a successful campaign.

The increase of political activists is largely attributed to new media. Information can be shared even easier through new media and influence people to take certain action. The worst part of all of this is the governments ability to survey its people.

The NSA monitors and stores all information they can about all users of new media. Everything we do is tracked. This tracking defeats the purpose of a democracy and puts more attention on government control. Laws and rights are stripped to make users of new media under more governmental control than they have been before

The question is raised then if we have a true democracy or if the government is becoming more authoritarian and tracking our every move.

Even though new media can help to improve democracy, it fails to do so. Campaigns that utilize new media become even more effective than they have been before and move people’s opinions. The government has a great persuasive power to get us to think and believe certain things. They even intrude on our rights and track information about us that we assume is private.

The fall of a true democratic nation is underway in that the government is taking steps to control its people more and more and less power is being given to individuals of the democratic nation.

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