The Brain and Technology

The human mind is a systematic and revolved tool. When new technologies are introduced, often the human mind fails to successfully work with them. Rewiring the human brain and affecting evolution to work better with new media cannot be done just overnight. The way the new media is used today and how it functions needs to fit the way that we’d expect it to today in order to be successful. If not everyone can stick with the technology, only the initial creators would be willing to stick with the technology.

Much of our brain function can only focus on one task but does utilize multiple different brain functions to be successful. New media requires a user to be able to quickly learn how a new device functions and then adapt to successfully utilize the tool in the most efficient way. Bringing about new technologies requires users to want to learn how to use them.

Forcing a user to have “tunnel vision” will only lead them to fail at utilizing the new technology to its fullest potential. Working to change this “old brain” way of thinking by using technology is a huge effort in the new media industry. One day, these unique ways to change people’s brain functions may develop and better the human race.

Teens utilize modern media channels everyday. Their utilization of these technologies limits them from experiencing the full extent to which they can be used. They only have a limited focus on a few tools and when try to use other tools – are clueless.

Even operating systems and office programs prove to be too complex for the everyday teenage user. They only want what’s easy and works in their lives and struggle when other tools come about. Without the simplicity and willingness to learn, teenagers are becoming more and more illiterate in new technologies. This poses a challenge to developers to make products that are simple and easy to learn while not being the same tools that teenagers already favor.

The human brain and technology often do not work well together. Technologies that are too complex and with little pursuit of the user to learn how to use them efficiently fail to succeed. Today’s teenagers have this issue where they and other users of modern popular technologies fail to be able to use other technologies that they aren’t used to.

When a user cannot quickly learn a technology or have a use for it where they can develop a way to use it efficiently, the technology fails to become a part of everyday culture. Technologies need to adapt and change to be easy for users and yet efficient enough to learn in order to lead to their success in the world of new media.

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