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Complex systems are made up a number of different factors that make up their structure. Elements, interactions, formations/operations, diversity/variability, environment, and activities make up complex systems. These features interact with each other under particular conditions and within specific contexts. This relationship is known as emergence.

How dense these aspects are and how interconnected they become is the complexity factor of the system. Communication systems within themselves are complex systems. Computational approaches and resources are needed in order to fully understand what complex systems are need how they operate. Both are needed in order to successfully operate with each other. Both a complex system and an understand of how it works.

Looking as just one part of a system isn’t enough to understand how it operates. It is necessary to look at the system as a whole to see how it operates and how well it performs a task. Computer systems work with these small parts to keep track so a user can see an overall picture of what the system actually is. They rely on each other heavily to function effectively.

With the amount of data circulating, it becomes an overwhelming task to process and make sense out of all of it. An ideal goal, as suggested by Jim Gray from Microsoft, is to increase government funding to basically build a cheaper supercomputer that can process lots of data at once. Brining the internet to have more data-driven processing with scientific information available online could make processing of big data faster and more efficient.

Solutions and conclusions could be found faster than what is currently possible. Everything we need to make sense of the world around us is living within data. The task is in managing and processing the data to come to these conclusions about scientific materials. Shifting into more of a collaborative, information processing and understanding between scholars. The magnitude of big data and the information that we can obtain for it requires that we look deeper into what data is telling us. Expanding systems to help with this will only benefit humanity as a whole.

The complexity of systems and big data can be a lot to handle. Yet, they need each other to survive. Big data needs complex computing systems to process all of its information while complex computing systems need data to operate.

The interconnectivity between technology and information is forever becoming more and more complicated as new technologies develop. Creating an “internet of everything” will heavily impact the way that information is used and further increase the complexity of the complex system developed through new media.

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