Quantum Computing – The New Reality

Below the surface, physicists have recently been working to understand a more complex and smaller set of rules known as quantum physics. Quantum physics focuses on how electrons and molecules behave. Many uncertainties exist in well-established laws of physics. For example, one cannot determine momentum and location at the same time and have a precise measurement. And in different situations, inaccuracies occur.

These uncertainties create uncertainty in calculations and understandings of the physical nature of the world around us. States in quantum can be 1 or 0 or both. There isn’t a yes or no but a maybe in most of quantum. Things that appear to have one state or another actually have another state which includes both of the states that it could possibly be. It helps to explain the complexity of systems and how new methods in computing and data analysis can heavily impact the development of technologies worldwide.

Phenomena of quantum result in strange and unpredicted outcomes. Electrons, when shot through two slits, have very irrational and unexpected results. Tracking results prevents an accurate outcome in these situations too. So it becomes next to impossible to track it. Being unable to track and predict outcomes in quantum has yet to be proved possible.

Well-defined orders exist in reality – or seem to. We have a very systematic way of looking at the world. Yet much of the world is more complex and makes less sense than we initially have thought. Particles in space and time appear to be able to be linked without an immediate or present bond that can be recognized easily. Having that connection without an explanation makes reality more complex than we can imagine.

Quantum computing is a fairly new concept. Yet, new developments have increased the potential of these new technologies. The way that they operate and process information is proving to be more powerful than most standard computing systems. Patterns are easier to detect with quantum computing and they efficiently work with using little power which is unheard of in computing.

Understanding quantum and the way that it affects our reality is complex and often misunderstood. New developments in quantum technologies lead to new possibilities and advancements in how we perceive the world around us and interact with it. Once we understand and can control quantum, the possibilities are endless in new media.

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