Making Humans Better Thinkers

The way that we utilize our attention abilities has changed with introductions of new mediums through a variety of media. Writing for example was assumed to stem directly form the unconscience as an expression of how we really felt. We looked through the text and worked for correctness in the work. In contrast, we really do self-conscious design in our writing. We look at the text and work to make it effective and something useful.

This shift between what we do and what we should do heavily improves the way that we cognitively think about the world around us and works with our attention to detail. Information in a digital age requires us to know what we are looking at and now just what the content says.

Being able to look at the information without having to look deeply into it and understand it leads to success in a digital world. Keeping our attention focused on the activity at hand is key when so many distractions exist in the modern age. The ability to strive to pay attention and succeed at doing such will lead one to be able to successfully and efficiently look at information and understand what’s going on.

Much of our thinking actually occurs outside of the brain. Gestures for example help people to comprehend what they are thinking in their heads or trying to explain. Learning through exterior actions helps the brain process information. Then prosthetics are added to the picture, they become a part of the biological nature of the being.

When connected to the brain, they can assist in cognition. When developments of prosthetics continue to make an appearance, people become more and more advanced as they increase in helping the brain think and process information. Working to understand the mind and what internal and external processing occurs to make decisions and process information could increase the development of new technology to increase human capacities to learn.

Attention and information processing continue to change as new media develops. People are less able to pay attention and with more information available, processing it becomes a challenge. The human mind works with information and is able to keep focused through exterior as well as interior actions. New research is finding that we as humans are able to process more given that we use our biological makeup.

Prosthetics have proven to be just as effective in increasing human cognitions. So where is this all headed? With the increase of new technologies, people will need to change to keep up with them and be able to think differently.

Changing the way people think and process a world of new information in today’s knowledge economy will help people to make the most efficient uses out of developments in new media.

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