New Media’s Effects On Learning

The emergence of new media has brought about massive impact on the way that people think and understand the world around them. Specifically, in areas of critical thinking, skills have diminished. Because of new media, careful data analysis is a skill that many modern internet users have lost. Critical reading in being an analytical style of understanding the reword around us has also diminished. Reading on screens causes readers to focus on surface-level information and not dig deeper into the work.

Distractions also play into this by having screen reading in the same place as a plethora of other activities, users stray from the work. Some benefits to new media include being able to process information faster and more efficiently due to the amount of information available. Users can quickly find an answer and understand it better than before.

Imagery becomes import in this by having an impact on how people understand and visualize content that is being displayed to them. We as users becomes immersed in this environment and cause our brains to shift from traditional analytical methods to information powerhouses because of new media.

The amount of time that people spend on modern technologies continues to increase as more and more integration occurs. But modern science is saying these continued habits can negatively impact everyday life. Connections to work 24/7 harm social life of those who constantly are connected. Natural cycles and habits are modified and forever changed due to new technology.

Deep interpersonal connections are harmed when technology is introduced. Being constantly connected harms this and other relationships. People fail to appreciate life as much as they have before and miss the little things that really matter.

Students nowadays have a shorter and shorter attention span as time goes on. Teachers feel they need to work harder to keep student’s attention. Teachers are having to become more entertainers and to keep content interesting in order for students to be engaged.

Critical reasoning, attention spans, writing abilities, and communication skills have diminished due to new technologies teachers have found. Students are used to getting quick answers to their questions. Being able to Google questions and receive surface level answers is easy but students fail to learn the greater context of the information. Traditional education becomes boring in a sense to modern students.

People’s skills in areas of social interaction and critical thinking skills have diminished due to technology’s influence in everyday life. Constant connection is preventing traditional social interactions while also diminishing the skills to communicate effectively. Screen time eats into other aspects of everyday life that are commonplace in modern society.

Students loose the skills to critically think and analyze the world around them. They expect quick answers and have little attention span in a classroom setting. They constantly need things new and exciting. People fail to be interested unless the context of a situation is entertaining to them and even at that – they fail to look deeper into the content.

Because of new technological developments, people are changing – either better or for worse but one thing is certain – much of it can be attributed to new media.

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