June 19, 2017

I’ve put together this free guide to help your organization grow in today’s digital world.  With years of experience working with non-profits, I’ve found that these 5 tips are the […]

November 2, 2016

Amazon’s Alexa is one of the most powerful voice command services on the market.  With the Amazon Echo selling over 3 million devices since it’s inception, the possibilities are endless. […]

March 3, 2016

Representational arts depict ideas and messages in a way that users can understand. Yet these visuals can be highly misleading yet still believable. The more custom and lifelike the medium […]

February 22, 2016

The emergence of new media has brought about massive impact on the way that people think and understand the world around them. Specifically, in areas of critical thinking, skills have […]

February 15, 2016

The way that we utilize our attention abilities has changed with introductions of new mediums through a variety of media. Writing for example was assumed to stem directly form the […]

January 30, 2016

Complex systems are made up a number of different factors that make up their structure. Elements, interactions, formations/operations, diversity/variability, environment, and activities make up complex systems. These features interact with […]

January 17, 2016

Below the surface, physicists have recently been working to understand a more complex and smaller set of rules known as quantum physics. Quantum physics focuses on how electrons and molecules […]

January 8, 2016

In governing the internet, a few different approaches are taken. The main approach is my regulation and protection of the infrastructure of the system. Ensuring the system’s stability and connectivity […]

December 30, 2015

Through new media, the internet can help democratic governments functions more effectively. The ability to communicate directly with officials and leaders creates a more public democratic system. The question becomes […]